Forget all the fake Success Stories which you hear of a Programmer in your Company

Your company will only tell you how to make money for them


no more uploading your JAVA PROGRAMS for free

no more uploading the SOURCE CODE for free

your company will use your free SOURCE CODE and make money for themselves


Remember one thing !

Until you are able to make money from them in one way or the other.

This doesn’t mean that you are being too money minded

It is just that if you start selling today, then in future you can write a program which you want to

Rather than which you are told to.

No program is too simple to sell or to give away for free.


Yes it is true, you can even sell a simple calculator program.

There are people who are looking to buy that software.

So why wait, each day counts.


don’t have a website

I don’t know how to even start a website

I have no selling knowledge

I have no money to invest

I have not done anything but code all my life

Well, let me assure you, NEITHER DID I!

And that’s why I made sure that in order to really be able to help people, my Blueprint has to be a completely fool-proof system to

make money on a long-term basis without any previous knowledge of internet marketing!

And with that in mind, I’ve laid every single thing I’ve ever done step-by-step for you…

And I’m going to show you exactly how to sell a software online in very little time…

And I assure you that these secret methods are tried and tested with an astounding success rate…

So if you’ve never tried to sell a software online, this is the BEST place to start…

Because I’ll be honest…

There is no push-button miracle that will make you a millionaire overnight…

And anyone who tells you that you don’t need to put in any work to make money is LYING

Now I know you may feel discouraged from making money online….

And just like me it’s hard for you to trust people


After my Engineering, I got a job in one of the top multinationals in the World

I was so happy being employed in my dream company and that too as a JAVA programmer

I also made games for my employers which went to be No.1 Facebook game

Then I even went to convert a whole iPhone 3D game to

a java code to help Blackberry guys bring out their first 3D game on Blackberry for one of my employers

In all these my company gained millions and what I gained,

Yeah Yeah Yeah, I gained lot of JAVA knowledge,

but got in money what , peanuts !

So gradually I didn’t had enough to pay my EMI bills even and I ran into debts


Then it happened !!!

One of my friend told me to sell my softwares online.

Although I had made many utilities and softwares on my spare time

I never sold them and they were lying around in my hard disk

Well, I decided enough was enough and I turned my life around…


So I got off my ass, and started my own online business.

And now, 5 years on, I have been making money online by selling softwares

I work from home at any time I want, spend all the time I got with my family

And I’m going to show you exactly how you can do this right now


And I’m about to share it with you…

Trust me no company will do this, they will never share their own secrets

But I want to with you, because I have gone through the life of a java programmer

I want to help you to live a dream life with your family doing what you like the most



It’s an all-encompassing step-by-step, paint-by numbers guide that will show you

how to make a lot of money on the Internet Selling your Software…

mod1 It is very important for us to understand that this whole program is around the core thing, and that is content. For the content is the app, itself. In this module I will show you how to prepare your content for selling.
Graphics and Images are necessary evil for any programmer. It is not common for a programmer to be very creative. Still this is a part you have to deal with. You will need to have some images ready if you really want to make money with the program which you have developed. In this module I will show you how you can make some good looking images without doing much. mod2

Now that you have written an excellent Java program, you will need to share with the world.

You can not share the source code.

You will learn how to do it professionally in this module.

 This is where you will start creating your website. I will show you each and every step of creating your good looking website where you can sell your Java program as a software. mod4
mod5 Selling your product is the most essential part of the course. This is where your customers will come to know more about the product.In this module I will show you what are the basic things needed to do to sell a software.

It is very important that you provide very good help and support to your users. No user wants to have a bad relationship anyone.

In fact it is very common to have bugs and crashes during the initial days. But if you provide a way for the user to reach you with the bugs and crashes then you can improve upon your software and eventually get a good relationship with your customer. Who knows the customer might give you some very good feedback.

In this module I will show how to have a help and support system in place for your customers.





  • Get started in as little as 20 minutes. The thought of sitting through 300 pages of boring content is enough to make my stomach churn. My system is a turbo-charged machine filled real-life, mindblowing techniques that have taken me to where I am today.
  • You don’t even need to be an expert to use my proven blueprint.
  • My step-by-step instruction and copy and paste techniques are so simple to follow, even the most inexperienced beginners can get started PRONTO. And after holding your hand for the next 30 days, I guarantee you will experience mind-blowing results and get to experience the world from my eyes!



So if you fall in any of the following categories, you should probably stop wasting your time here:

  • If it excites you to spend 2 hours a day stuck in the rush hour traffic during your commute to work, then this is not for you
  • If you enjoy sitting in a cubicle up to 12 hours a day, you should click the x at the top of this page
  • If you love working your butt off for someone else to get neither the credit or the cash bonus, you should leave
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Still here? Good. 

Still on the fence? I don’t blame you.

or  there is also another nagging question… and at the back of your mind right now it’s screaming,


Well let me be totally honest, I’m not going to be pushy.

And even though I’m a marketer (and pretty damn good at it) along with being a programmer,

I’m not going to disrespect you by using old and outdated sales techniques with you.

I’m not going to waste your time with some “limited edition for only 500 people” trick.

I’m also not going to tell you the “this usually costs $2,000 but only for you, it’s at a heavily discounted $200” nonsense.

What I’m going to do is not to waste any more of your time and just get straight to the point.

Because if you’re serious about wanting to give this a shot, if you’re really serious about changing your life for the better, I’m going to make you a one-time offer.

But I know what it’s like to start out from humble beginnings. I know what it’s like to have $10 in your pocket, worrying about your finances on the packed bus ride commuting to work to a crappy job you hate.

Like I mentioned before, I’ve been there, probably way lower than you are right now… and yet I still managed to make it big.

Yes, I could sell this easily at $2,000 a pop and make a killing. But that’s not what I’m about.

This isn’t what MAKE MONEY WITH JAVA is about. It’s about helping people make it.

It’s really all about you.

And that’s why, right now, the MAKE MONEY WITH JAVA Blueprint is available for you to try out for a

very small, very affordable $32.

And yes, this isn’t a typo. You get to try it first.

Hear me out.

I’m so sure that this blueprint is going to just blow your mind, I’m offering you an amazing opportunity to try this for 60 days.

And if it’s nothing short of mind blowing, I’m going to give you every cent of your money back.


Neeraj, I want to Sign Up Now

Remember the times you just let your mind wander and hoped for just once, fate will be kind and give you one opportunity.

Just one.

And here it is.

You’ve waited so long for this moment, don’t let it slip through your fingers.

Because, if you don’t take advantage of this opportunity right now, you may never get this opportunity again. Like they say, opportunity knocks but once.

And while there will be users with grins from ear to ear and wide eyed disbelief with the success of their websites… you’ll look back at what might have been.

If you don’t seize this opportunity right now, you’ll probably miss out on this chance to change your life forever.

Don’t let that haunting memory cause you to miss out on the real deal.

It’s here right now and it’s your key to open the door to your whole new life.

Go ahead, the button below is yours to push to realize your dream.

All you need to do now is just to click on the button below to enjoy it all for the price of $32.


I will see you on the other side.


Neeraj Jaiswal

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